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January examug 2020 – sounds futuristic!

January examug: iMovie and Shortcuts

Happy New Year! 2020 sounds like the future, yet we are here, and even better, it’s our January examug next week. 

We are offering our take on two Apple pillars, one classic but evolving, the other a glimpse into the future…

Our main presentation is on iMovie. The iPhone is not just an amazing mini computer, it is an outstanding video camera. We all have hundreds of short videos on our phones, iPads and Macs, yet few of us take that extra step to compile a mini-movie. Perhaps it’s a review of Christmas, or a holiday overseas, but whatever footage you have iMovie can turn it into something special. Something that looks professionally made yet remains personal. We will review the key features of iMovie and share our hints and tips on how to make a short, simple movie using video clips and still photos. You’ll love the outcomes and so will family members you share it with. And if you end a YouTube megastar do remember us!

Our second talk is looking at a cutting edge feature on iOS; shortcuts. In this introductory session we will go over what is a shortcut?; share some suggestions on how you might improve your iOS experience using them; and how to make your own personal shortcuts. This offers a glimpse into the potential future of iOS, with some users putting all their apps in one folder and just having a home screen full of shortcuts…

That’s quite extreme, but we will be suprised if after the meeting you don’t end up creating a few shortcuts and use them regularly! 

It’s going be our usual mix of accessible presentation and chat.  It will be suitable for all, from the most techie to the newbie, and we guarantee you’ll learn something new.

Date: Tuesday 14 January

Time: 7pm – Coffee and Cakes from 6.30pm

Location: ISCA College, Exeter


Plus a quick reminder, as agreed at the Summer AGM we are now asking for £7 if you pay per meeting (or £25 per year) and we hope members who can afford to and who wish to, will be happy to pay a little more towards the group (a membership+ if you will). We suggest £30 for those paying annually, or £10 for those paying per meeting.

Do remember all money raised goes towards the group, to cover all costs including insurance, room hire, snacks at meetings, etc. We are non-profit making, run by volunteers and are supported by members like you.

And we are able to accept contactless payment, either ApplePay or from a card.


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