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    Since we cannot safely hold face-to-face meetings at the moment, examug will be held via Zoom. Join in on the day – members will have been sent the password, non-members can request an invitation.

July 2021: Getting lost outside!

July examug: Getting lost outside!
Hello all, 

The sun’s been hiding, England lost on penalties, and we remain in step 3. However, it’s not all bad news – it’s our July examug next week! (A reminder it’s a week later than usual this month). 

The meeting will still be over Zoom, but may be the final one like it!! We will have all the ‘usual’ zoom delights: news; Q/A; etc and our main presentation… 

Our main presentation is on maps. No not those maps – instead it’s on maps for leisure; walking, biking, exploring, etc. We review some of the best digital options and highlight our favourites (hint: OS maps still rule the roost in the UK at least!). 

Our second mini presentation is a special examug rundown on 5 iOS apps/services you might be interested in. We have deliberatly chosen a mixture of different types of app/service, a few big names but also the odd hidden gem! Specifically the apps are:

Streaks: https://streaksapp.com
Brickit: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/brickit-rebuild-your-lego/id1477221636
Justpark: https://www.justpark.com
Disney+: https://www.disneyplus.com/en-gb
Libby: https://libbyapp.com/welcome 

It will be a great meeting, so join us on Zoom at 7.00 pm Tuesday 20 July and hear all about it.

For joining instructions see the group email, or contact us if you want to attend examug@mac.com

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