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    Since we cannot safely hold face-to-face meetings at the moment, examug will be held via Zoom. Join in on the day – members will have been sent the password, non-members can request an invitation.

Keep it private – it’s examug next week!!

We hope you are all enjoying the marvellous weather we’ve been having. And the outlook is about to get even brighter; it’s examug on Tuesday. Slightly later than normal but it will be worth the wait!

  • Date: Tuesday 17 July
  • Time: 7pm – Coffee and Cakes from 6.30pm
  • Location: ISCA College, Exeter
We begin with a special presentation requested by a number of members. 

The examug 2018 Guide to Privacy.

Yes we will be talking about the GDPR, but so much more. We are going to share our best practice for taking back your privacy, including how to view and then control the information companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have on you. We will offer practical advice and our top tips to help you manage your private data and sharing our thoughts on the trade off of ‘free’ services. We imagine there will lots of questions on this and so we will end with a Q/A session where you can get your specific questions answered. 
After the break we will have a shorter talk on ‘Apple News’ not news about Apple, but the iOS (and soon-to-be macOS) application. We will cover it’s features, how to get the most from it and our take on why it’s an excellent source of balanced, curated news from reputable sites. No more getting news from Facebook! 
Plus we have another great set of Raffle prizes, including some Apple merchandise, and some other treats.
Hope to see you there, and bring a friend!
examug Chair

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