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    Since we cannot safely hold face-to-face meetings at the moment, examug will be held via Zoom. Join in on the day – members will have been sent the password, non-members can request an invitation.

May examug – Travel Tips, RAW and More

Next Tuesday is our May examug meeting, and we have another great one planned.

It starts with a special talk on travelling with technology. Whether it’s a family break or a business trip with the shear amount of tech now integrated into our lives what to take with you can be a tricky decision. What goes with you, what can you leave behind? How many cables/chargers do you need? We will share our hints and tips and hopefully you’ll pick up a few nuggets to use next time you are away from home.

We will demo our favourite accessories that help take the stress out of travelling! Plus, come with your top tips, if we don’t mention them, we would love to hear them too!

After the break we have two mini talks. Up first is an update on shooting RAW photos on the iPhone. Kris returns to the 3 Apps he reviewed a while ago to announce a winner (well, in his eyes anyway) and show some pretty pics and try and demo how you can shoot similar ones live (well hopefully) to kick off your artistic careers. He would also be interested in hearing from those of you who have one of them, of your experiences of using either Camera +, ProCam or ProShot.

If you enjoy a puzzle or word game, our final mini talk will be right up your street. We are going to demo three great word-related iOS games. Yes, there are all the usual crossword and sudoku options, but we’ve got a some other of gems that we hope will execrise your grey matter, and that you’ll very much enjoy.

It’s going be our usual mix of accessible presentation and chat.  It will be suitable for all, from the most techie to the newbie, and we guarantee you’ll learn something new.  We are not running a raffle at this meeting, instead we are looking to move towards a larger biennial raffle with even better prizes!

Date: Tuesday 14 May

Time: 7pm – Refreshments from 6.30pm

Location: ISCA College, Exeter

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