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November examug, Christmas Plans and Apple Kit…lots and lots of Apple Kit

Get yourself a coffee – this is quite a long one!

We have three things to discuss. November’s (delayed) examug meeting, our plans for our 2018 activities and a chance to pick up some of Mike’s Apple kit before it ends up on eBay!

November’s examug meeting:

It was delayed, but it will be worth the wait. Hey Siri what’s the first presentation! Yep, that’s right we are going to take one of our deep dives into using Siri. Everything from the most basic of requests like sending texts, starting calls and setting reminders; right up to the latest Siri shortcuts introduced in iOS 12. We will show you the cool bits, the super useful bits and the bits that will amaze you. It’s going be our usual mix of accessible presentation and chat. It will be suitable for all, from the most techie of techies to the novice Siri user, and we guarantee you’ll learn something new!


If that’s wasnt enough we are also running a mini talk on using Apple Pay. Is it really safe? How does it work? What are the benefits? We will answer these and more (it’s BYOQAT – bring your own questions and thoughts!). We will give you our take on the future of cashless payments, and it’s pretty great!


Date: Tuesday 27 November

Time: 7pm – Coffee and Cakes from 6.30pm

Location: ISCA College, Exeter



examug Christmas 2018:

Just like last year we are running a ‘non-christmas themed’ Christmas Social Meeting. This is a very informal get together; a chance to enjoy some good company, a few drinks and maybe even a bite to eat (but no Turkey’s in sight!).


Date: Tuesday 11th December

Time: 7pm – with the raffle draw at 8pm

Location: George’s Meeting House, Exeter (38 South St, Exeter EX1 1ED, UK)



No presentations, just a nice informal evening with friends. Pop along for a quick drink, and/or a bite to eat, or stay all evening. There is plenty of parking nearby and the typical good value for money and wide range of drinks offered by Wetherspoons.


Plus, the Christmas raffle draw takes place at 8pm, and we have some great prizes!


5th Prize: £10 Apple Voucher – needs no description!


4th Prize: An Anker 3-in-1 Powerline II cable. With this awesome single cable, you will be able to charge almost everything! Lightning – tick; Micro USB – tick; and even USB C – tick. https://www.anker.com/uk/products/variant/powerline-ii-3-in-1-cable/A8436011


3rd Prize: Anker PowerCore 10000 – One of the very best high capacity external batteries, it can recharge you phone three times (and it’s super compact and light too)! https://www.anker.com/products/variant/PowerCore-10000mAh/A1263011


2nd Prize: An awesome Eve Energy smartplug. A great Homekit plug that covers any one of your appliances into a smart appliance! Turn lamps on and off, or even set them up to turn on when you arrive home, or even at night when you are away. The possibilities are endless! https://www.evehome.com/en/eve-energy


1st Prize: An incredible 500 GB Samsung External Solid State Drive. This thing is sooo fast! Store all your music, photos or documents on this amazing piece of kit. Make backups in the blink of an eye or expand the storage you have on your Mac at home. An insanely great top prize!



Please bear in mind, all the money raised goes to the group, so every ticket you buy not only puts your hat in the ring for one of the prizes, but also really helps out the group. We remain non-profit making, run by volunteers, and supported by members like you!


Tickets are £2 each or 3 for £5 (or even 6 for £10…) – the prizes this year are flat out stunning!! Do take a look at the associated websites.


If you would like a raffle ticket you have three choices.


1: Come along to November’s meeting and buy some!

2: Come along to the examug Christmas Social and buy some!


And the simplest and quickest option:


3: Send the money for one, three or even more via Paypal (to graham.bone@gmail.com)


Come on, buy a few, you never know!


Mike’s Kit:

Since Mike sadely passed away the committee have been helping his widow with all of Mike’s Apple kit (and there was a lot of amazing stuff!). We intend to sell it on eBay, but we would like to offer some items to examug members first.


We have a pdf of some of his kit here.


There are Macs, Hard Disks, an Apple Watch and loads of other stuff!

Please do take a look. If anything grabs your fancy please contact us examug@mac.com. It will all go on eBay in the next couple of weeks.

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