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examug July: Updates, Part two of ‘Take back control’ and a change of date!!

It July! Where has the year gone?

We have some important news about the next examug meeting.

Most importantly – we have to push it back a week. Instead of taking place on Tuesday 11th July, it is now on Tuesday 18th. Apologies for the short notice, but the change is outside of our control. 

Date: Tuesday 18th July (one week later than normal)

Time: 6.45pm – Coffee and Cakes from 6.30pm

Location: ISCA College, Exeter

Despite the extra week, we promise it will be worth the wait! 

There is loads of news to catch up on and it’s the second part of out Take back Control series.  Ideally, bring your laptop to follow what’s going on in the presentation, and like last time, it will be great for beginners, and the more advanced.

We are continuing our deep dive and exploration into System Preferences on your Mac (which some of you beginners may not even know is there – go to the Apple symbol in the menu bar (top left) and click on it to reveal System Preferences and click on that to reveal options).

We are working through, step by step, the remaining options you have at your finger tips.  Everything from saving energy to adding a guest account for visitors and much much more.  Like the first talk in the series, this is one for all regardless of experience, you’ll find out something new. 

You may even find out how to sort out some long held gripes about things you thought you had no control.

As normal we have another great set of Raffle prizes, including more Apple merchandise, and some other treats.

Hope to see you there.



examug Chair

web: www.examug.org.uk

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